Tagit Wave: protocols and procedures as a knowledge game

Improve the impact of protocols and procedures within your organization


As part of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code, maritime organizations embed protocols and procedures in their company Safety Management Systems (SMS). Knowledge of and compliance with these protocols and procedures is essential to create and maintain a safe working environment and ensure high quality of the operation. However, are you sure that all these regulations are read? Or remembered? Or actually practised?

Maritime professionals understand very well the importance of these regulations. However, it does not give a spark of joy to read due to its complexity or dullness. This creates that they read less carefully, resulting into potentials risks, faltering safety operations and finally a breach of the ISM Code.

Employees only look for the protocols and procedures when they know they don’t have the knowledge.

Tagit Wave, demonstrably, quickly and easily promotes the interaction of maritime professionals with the content of protocols and procedures. Tagit Wave stimulates curiosity with fun and accessible questions!

Quick and fun e-learning to keep you on your toes

— 2nd Officer


Via multiple channels questions are asked about protocols or procedures. By answering these questions points can be gained. This will result in crewmembers trying to gain as much points as possible and by doing so learning and remembering what is written within the regulations. They have fun while being trained at the same time.

What about the questions? Get them from our well filled databank of questions which is still growing. Or invite via our platform content experts within your organisation to help set up questions.

Do you want to start your voyage with Tagit Wave to commence as fast as possible? Let us call our Tug Services to assist you with your first maneuvers. Our Tugs create questions based on your own company’s Safety Management System. Finally, your own appointed content experts have to approve the created questions before the content can be used. Done? You are ready to set sail!
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Training myself in such an easy way made me very enthusiastic. I re-learned essential things which I had forgotten about.

— Bosun


The Question of the Day arrives daily within the inbox of your crew and staff members. This question is a simple question which can be answered by simply clicking once. Due to the procedural explanation that comes with the answer, your crewmembers have their daily learning moment.

Staff members can receive their question on their phone. Just click the right answer and new points have been gained. This is quickly done during short breaks.

Via links within the quiz, it is easy for your crewmembers to access the corresponding regulations. This way it is easy to read yourself more into the corresponding regulations.

Fun and useful. It becomes a competition with yourself and your peers to gain as much as points as possible

— Chief Engineer


On average 70% of the Questions of the Day sent is answered

90% of the platform's users prefer it over other e-learning tools and would definitely recommend it to a colleague

90% of the users thinks that the platform really improves the quality of work and knowledge of the regulations

Do you want to know more about the use of Tagit Wave within your company, for example to train for Port State or Flag State inspections? Leave your email address and we'll contact you or mail us at info@blueorangewave.com

At my previous company I never really looked into the regulations. Within this company I feel I do know how to work according them. You can really feel that all crew is working together in a safer way.

— Sailor